About Colin Payne


Born in Newfoundland in 1979, Colin moved to Nelson BC in 2009. It was here that began to seriously practice the art of photography. Colin has since become is one of the most respected photographers in the Kootenay region. He has won international awards for his contemplative nature and landscape imagery, and been featured in respected art galleries throughout the region.


The cycle of existence as depicted in the natural and built worlds is the predominant theme of my work. Whether consciously or unconsciously, I am drawn to places and images that reflect the natural cycle of life: birth, aging, death and rebirth. These ideas manifest in the forms such as decaying wood, rock being eroded by flowing water, the juxtaposition of quiet, stillness and savage motion, plants in various stages of existence, ephemeral reflections that see through things. Without fail, these works are moments in time that are largely unplanned. Aside from sometimes putting myself in the right place with the right light, I try to create with few expectations or plans, leaving myself open to that which emerges in the moment.


What Payne brings to his exquisitely balanced compositions is an eye for the remarkable in nature. Whether the subject is weathered deadfall, a fall reflection, or the movement of water, these works are a celebration of texture.” — Anne Degrace, Curator - Nelson Public Library

“When I was alerted to Payne’s presence on the photography scene, I knew I had to share his vision with you, our readers. I look forward to seeing what lies around the corner for him, and what else he will share with the world of photography.” — Roy Ramsay, Editor - Outdoor Photography Canada

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